Where to find me

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I moved this entire site over to http://thegiancarlo.com

My main reason for this is because I am teaching myself how to run a site/blog and integrating stuff into it.

There you can find information on where to find me.


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Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Media and Piracy

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On the last day of March, someone leaked out the unedited version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which is due to come out on May 1, 2009. Immediately fans denounced the leaked movie and so did Fox, who are producing the movie. But one question bothers me. Being a high budgeted movie it is no doubt that security for the film must have been tight. With that said,  how was someone able to leak it with security that high?

Just last month, a bit torrent tracking  site called the Pirate Bay was sued by a media group in Switzerland.  Initially this media group charged them with piracy and some other innumerable account that did not stand in court for less than a week. Among the charges that were dropped was Piracy. A big win for any bit torrent tracking site.  With that charge dropped, they lost the main purpose they sued The Pirate Bay.

With this battle lost, major media corporations see only the negatives in bit torrent.  The leaking of the Wolverine movie  demonstrates how bit torrent facilitates file sharing, but does not prove that its sole existence is for piracy.  Whether or not Fox intentionally leaked the movie  is much speculation because the whole issue of piracy in the U.S. is once again starting to surge again. Fox and other media groups are claiming that this leak will cost them billions, and that they feel sorry for the people who worked on the movie because of the money they will lose out on a lot of money.  Sure this thing could back fire on them if the movie ticket sales are record breaking.  But to be honest, those who have downloaded the movie say that it is completely unedited which makes them want to just go see the movie even more. The leak has also created the most hype on the web greater than that of the Iron Man, which itself broke ticket records.

I will happily wait for the outcome when the movie comes out in the U.S.  If it breaks box office records I will be part of that statistic and will point and laugh at Hollywood Media companies for acting like

Song of the Week

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This week’s pick is Never Never Love by Pop Levi.  Check out his site here: http://www.myspace.com/poplevi

 “Pop Levi (born Jonathan Pop Levi in London [1]), also known as Mozambique Courier, is an English singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer and filmmaker. Pop Levi’s career started in Liverpool. He was the founding member, along with Snap Ant and Loka, of Super Numeri, and has played bass for Ladytron both on record and on tour. Pop Levi was listed as one of Lauren Laverne‘s favourite artists to make it big in 2007 on BBC2‘s The Culture Show. He released a solo album, The Return to Form Black Magick Party on February 22007. 2008’s single Dita Dimoné was made BBC6 Record Of The Week and Levi’s second solo album, entitled Never Never Love, was released in August of the same year on Counter Records. 2008 also saw the birth of Levi’s World Empire, Inc. film and music production company. In September, the 37th Festival Nouveau Cinema in Montréal held the world premiere of You Don’t Gotta Run, a surreal 37-minute featurette directed by auteur Lucky Beaches and starring Pop Levi.” (Wikipedia)

As the world turns

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Last year I broke up with my girl. It was a long distance thing. I mean really long distance, not states apart but countries apart.  To our amazement we lasted for about 3 years. She was the 1 reason I kept myself out of trouble. No drugs, alcohol, fights or anything deemed bad, which taught me how to live life clean. When we broke up it hit me hard, but a couple of weeks later, out of random coincidence I met someone that reminded me of her in so many ways.  I found it scary, but it made me realize that there are other girls out there in the world that do have what drew me to her in the first place; a good attitude, kindness radiating out of them, determination just to name a few.  What I gathered from this experience is this; that I am no longer afraid or in a hurry to find her replacement.  I’ll go with the flow of the wave and see where it takes me.

My Secret Hide Out

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Hoboken to the right of NYC across the Hudson

From time to time I tend to get bored and so I need to get away from everything. My choice is always Hoboken, just in front of the city. It’s my number one choice because it’s next to a large body of water which for some pparent reason I find soothing. It not only best place to get a good view of the city but it’s has some very good local spots.  Other locations I just found have been Weehawken and West NY, they have a couple recently built parks, football fields, and tracks right next to the river.

The People vs Facebook

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In the past few weeks, Facebook has subcomed to change it’s terms, policies, and layout amid pressure from it’s users. The end users (you and me), complained that Facebook’s live news feed didn’t not post anything relevant and was too twitter-like. But why did they listen to their users? Why not just ignore them and go with gut instinct? Isn’t that what drives the web 2.0 movement and entrepenuership? I believe it was a bad idea to give users a say in their business model decisions. Now that public say has won, the Facebook coperates have been pinned down by the public and will forever will have to second guess their decision. Why? I like to think of the following reasoning: you give a homeless alcoholic money everyday until one day you decide to give him food, and he responds “wtf? I want my money I dont want food.  I want beer”